Why reading is important for kids

There is something special about turning the pages of a book and getting lost in the story. Reading has been proven to be beneficial to children of all ages and has become a fun way to relax and learn. Here are some reasons why reading is beneficial for your kid.

Expanded vocabulary

Books allow for children to find new words and be exposed to vocabulary that they may not hear in everyday conversation. When you read with your child, ask them questions and talk about the vocabulary in relation to the pictures. Encourage curiosity, open discussion and questions.

Better readers

Reading at home is helpful practice for academic goals and classroom skills. Reading practice can help your child read at a quicker rate and a higher level. A high level of reading will help your child be a better test-taker and can help them with homework and classroom activities.

Enhanced logic

Reading supports logical thinking and problem solving skills. After all, it’s not just the words on the page that matter, but the message or story behind them. Talk with your child about the book and ask them questions to see how they understand the story and the actions of the characters.

Reduced stress

Reading has a way of taking the mind from current stressors and redirecting focus to the words on the page. Turning the pages of a book is a healthy way to relax and get away from the problems of the day.

High self-esteem

Learning to read a book cover to cover is a boost to a child’s self-confidence. After reading a book, your kid will feel a sense of independence and accomplishment. This heightened self-esteem can transfer into other aspects of their life, socially, personally and academically.

Expanded imagination

There is no limit to imagination and books are a great way to spark ideas in your child. Books foster a child’s creativity which can be applied to art, storytelling, or role playing. Your child may even decide to come up with a story of their own!

Improved grammar

Exposure to the correct usage of grammar, verbs and punctuation is helpful to your child’s academic achievements and personal development. This knowledge can translate into better speaking and writing skills, in and out of the classroom.

Better social communication

By observing interactions between the characters in a book, your child absorbs appropriate communication styles and healthy interactions which he or she can apply to family life and school relationships.

There are countless studies that show how reading is beneficial for kids of all ages. Encourage healthy reading habits in your child whether it becomes part of their bedtime routine or a Saturday afternoon activity. It’s never too early or too late to integrate reading into your child’s life.