HLA News

                                                                                                                                                                                 June 10, 2020

To our Hope Leadership Academy Family:

Hello HLA Family.  As principal of HLA, I could not go without addressing the current events of our Nation.  I want to start by saying that we have missed our families and students incredibly during this time and regretted to have ended a school year without physically saying goodbye.  On that note, we look very forward to the Fall and our return to smiling faces and love from each and every one of you. 

We have been facing a very challenging time in our world, beginning with the global pandemic, and currently with several tragedies that we have experienced.  By these tragedies, I am referring to the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and most recently George Floyd.  These have been very eye-opening and tragic situations that have caused me great emotional distress and concern for our community.   As a community here at HLA, we recognize these occurrences as deplorable, inhumane and unacceptable. We  will not stand for racism, prejudice, discrimination, nor injustice.  We take the stand that we will not be silent as we navigate through these losses.  We are outraged and realize that we have a difficult job to do.

Our staff is committed to having the conversations and taking the actions to make change happen.  We stand in support of the success of you and your families.  We thank you for being a part of the HLA Family and we look forward to being in this fight together for the growth, safety, and success of our students!  As a community, we stand together. 


Robert N. Milner

Principal of Hope Leadership Academy